New Years Eve Soundbath

HI Pittsburgh

$30 Morning Sessions Session 1- 9 am Session 2- 10:45 am

Vision Board Workshop with Certified Life Coach, Gretchen North

HI Pittsburgh

Date: January 28th Time: 12-3 pm $30 includes facilitation and supplies Welcome 2023 with intention, awareness and fun! Let’s craft an inspiring collage of your goals and dreams (even if you don’t yet know what they are)! You’ll have fun creating a vision board in a supportive group and will leave with a greater sense of direction and confidence for pursuing more of what you want in the new year

Genograms-Go Beyond the Family Tree To Find Your Peace

Sunday, February 26, 1:00 - 4:00 pm Facilitator - Sanna Carapellotti $57 Family - We can’t live with them or without them! In this workshop, you will create a Genogram to track your family’s story, love, patterns, and hardships, to discover yourself and find peace. Learning about your heritage frees us to change our future.   Sanna Carapellotti, M.S., Cht, is an energy psychology practitioner and yoga instructor and offers Genogram Consultations in her Sewickley private practice.    

The Pelvic Puzzle with Emily Snee

HI Pittsburgh

The Pelvis Puzzle: Solving the Balance between Strength and Flexibility" is a physical therapy lecture that explores the importance of achieving a balance between strength and flexibility in the pelvis for optimal health and function. This lecture will utilize a combination of exercises and education to demonstrate how to effectively address imbalances in the pelvis and improve overall well-being. Participants will learn how to self-assess their flexibility and strength, as well as practical exercises and techniques to enhance pelvic stability, increase flexibility, and build strength. This lecture is ideal for individuals looking to improve their overall health, wellness, and performance.   There is no cost for this event, but you must pre-register.  Please email us at

Mental Fitness: From Saboteur to Sage with Gretchen North

HI Pittsburgh

March 8th from 11:30 - !2:30. $18 Mental Fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive, rather than a negative mindset. Just like physical fitness is necessary for a healthy body, mental fitness is critical for a healthy mind. There are three core muscles at the root of mental fitness and learning how to strengthen each of them is at the heart of this seminar. Once in the habit of practicing mental fitness, you will experience peak performance, peace of mind and healthier relationships in your life. This could be the magic bullet to unlocking potential, happiness and success.

Vishoka Meditation Workshops

New Dates! Wed, March 22nd and 29th, 2-4 pm $90 per person per workshop (ideal to attend both, but each workshop also serve as a stand-alone introduction) Live and replay Zoom options available! Part 1 Learn an overview of this potent, powerful set of techniques, as taught in the Yoga Sutra (1:36) Get a brief introduction to yogic philosophy & lifestyle Learn the preparatory practices of Vishoka Meditation Experience a practice sequence that weaves together everything you learned Connect with like-hearted seekers   Part 2 Get support establishing comfort in your meditation posture Learn an overview of the major energy centers (chakras) Learn the main body of the Vishoka Meditation practice Get an initial experience of the complete meditation practice Connect with resources to further develop your study and practice   Vishoka Meditation Part I $90.00 USD Part 2 $90.00 USD

Spring Cleanse with Kate Mackin

HI Pittsburgh

April 10 from 12-3 pm and April 14 from 12-2 pm $150 includes “Cleanse Kit” A Spring Cleanse will help you detoxify and transition through some of winter’s accumulation. During the winter, we may have spent more time indoors and eaten heavier foods. It doesn’t help that the weather is dark and gloomy. Spring is a natural time to physically cleanse and mentally let go of unproductive habits. In this cleanse you will enjoy a lot of guidance and support. We will meet and go over the cleanse and how to cook the meals and teas. It’s always easier to cook something at home when you’ve helped to make it in class! You will also get a cleanse kit that will save you from running around to prepare for the cleanse. Mid-way through the cleanse we will meet to work and discuss our experiences, trouble-shoot and enjoy a yoga practice. Cleanse Kit Includes: Tongue Scraper, Beet Juice, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Turmeric, Rice, Dahl, Almonds Spring Cleanse In Person $150.00 USD Livestream $150.00 USD

Yoga and Hiking Adventure

Olympia Park Pittsburgh, PA, United States

with Kate Mackin May 20th from 10 am - 2 pm $60 (includes lunch by Pure Grub)   The first yoga hike of the year- Let’s get out there and enjoy nature! Join us hiking on the Emerald Trail- a scenic tour of the South and North sides of Mount Washington. Pure Grub will prepare a healthy lunch and we will do some yoga to wind down and stretch out after our hike.