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Learn to Meditate 4 Sessions with Suzanne Wynne

HI Pittsburgh

4 Wednesdays - Jan 15, 22,29 and Feb 5 Having a regular meditation practice has many benefits including reducing stress and promoting a healthy brain. This course is designed to help you establish a consistent meditation practice at home. Join us to find your comfortable seated position, refine the breath, develop focus and concentration, and learn guided meditation and other exercises to practice at home. Please pre-register. 48 hour notice is required for refunds.


The Power of EFT with Sanna Carapellotti

HI Pittsburgh

A workshop to learn EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE or TAPPING. 3 Tuesdays - March 10, 17 and 24, 1-3 pm EFT is the most researched energy psychology approach! Hands down, it is the best tool to have at your finger tips for any stress, even trauma. Come to learn "acupressure for your emotions!" Learn EFT's Five Essential Steps! Discover Strategies for Optimal Results! Learn to Help Yourself and Your Family! Experience Tapping (EFT) Sessions! Please pre-register. 48 hour notice is required for refunds.


Mindfulness & Yoga in Schools : FACULTY TRAINING

HI Pittsburgh

Students feel better and perform better when they have techniques to manage stress and anxiety. Join us to learn how to bring these techniques in to your classroom. This program includes: - A Framework to understand the objectives of mindfulness and yoga. - Breath Training - Understand how breath brings balance to the system and how to teach it. - Movement - Learn to lead a class through basic movements. - Relaxation Techniques - Learn the components relaxation and how to teach them.


Beginners Session Class! 8 Weeks On-Site or On-Line

HI Pittsburgh

Class is from 7:30 to 8:30 PM More and more people are discovering the benefits of yoga. Whether you are interested flexibility, strength, stress reduction or balance, it helps to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a systematic, non-threatening way. This class will cover the basics of breath awareness and different types of yoga postures (asanas). Throughout the session, we will encourage a healthy connection between breath and posture, increasing body awareness and ease of movement. The class will also explore relaxation techniques to increase your sense of well-being and balance. Please pre-register. 48 hour notice is required for refunds. Beginners Session 3/24 - 5/12/2021 In Person $96.00 USD Livestream $96.00 USD


Midweek Restore and Relax- Online Only!

MID-WEEK RESTORE AND RELAX with Monette ON-LINE ONLY - Use your class pass Wednesday's 7:30 pm - 9 pm November: 3,10,17 and December: 1,8,15 ** No Class Nov 24 or Dec 22 ** All Levels Class, no experience required. Retreat into the quiet of your favorite home-space and prepare to withdrawal the senses, open the deep tissues of your body and calm your mind. This class is comprised of gentle asana sequencing using bolsters, blankets and props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease. Class will also explore breath awareness/techniques - and during shavasana, a guided relaxation will be a prelude to a refreshing night's rest! ALL levels are welcome! Suggested props to gather in advance of the 7:30 pm start: Yoga Mat, Folding Chair/Ottoman, Blankets (3-4) or large bath towels, 2 hand towels, yoga blocks, yoga strap, yoga bolster, 2-3 firm pillows, eye pillow (optional).

Lotus of the Heart Meditation

"By concentrating on the lotus of the heart, there arises a state of sorrowless joy, which is infused by inner light; upon its mergence, such a state anchors the mind to a peaceful flow, free of all thought constructs." -- Vyasa's commentary from "Secret of the Yoga Sutra" by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait Join us for these half hour online-only meditations focusing on the Lotus of the Heart and connect with your own inner light this February! $30 for series of 4