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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification On-Site and On-Line

April 23, 2021 - September 30, 2021


300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program 

(we are re-naming our 500 hour teacher training to be in accordance with Yoga Alliance)


Heather talks about why she chose the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Heather 300 Hour Teacher Training Video

  • One Weekend a Month Format

  •  $1099 per segment and a one time $108 application fee (non-refundable) that is included in the tuition price. Payment Plan is available.

Our 300 Hour Teacher Training Instructors:

All of our Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh Instructors have been chosen for their depth of training  with the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Philosophy. Each of these instructors  has additional background in aspects of the training curriculum such as Ayurveda, Meditation, physical therapy and the daily management/coordination of a studio or health related business. Their depth of expertise is a vital enhancement to this teacher training program.

Choose the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh 300 Hour Training Program Because …

As an experienced yoga teacher, you desire a trusted space to turn for further training, inspiration, and the next step in your professional journey and personal practice. Our 300-hour teacher certification program offers yoga teachers from all traditions an avenue to further deepen their personal practice and teaching. This program includes studies in advanced teaching methods, sequencing, verbal and hands-on assists, subtle body anatomy, pranayama, mantra meditation, therapeutic applications of yoga, and the study of sacred yoga texts. This is a fully integrated program designed to help students explore yoga in depth, and to address the individual needs of participants.

Program Structure

This program is offered in 3 Segments in a 15 weekend format between April 2021 – September 2022. The first segment of 5 weekends is offered from April 23, 2021 thru September 2021.

Over the 15 weekends the following topics will be covered : Advanced Teaching Methods, Awakening Vital Energy, and Yoga as a Healing Art. In order to receive certification, participants must complete the 15 weekend course hours, and submit a teaching log of 100 hours taught from the time of their 200-hour certification.

This 300-hour yoga teacher training course is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Download an application here: 300 Hour Application

Program Timeframe: Begin at the start of any segment and complete all three segments

One weekend a month format

Weekend Schedule: Friday 4:00pm – 8:00pm, Saturday 11:30am – 7pm, Sunday 11am – 6:30pm

Prerequisite: 200-hour teacher certification from a YA accredited yoga school

1st Segment –  Advanced Teaching Methods: Exploring the Heart of Yoga Technique and Philosophy

This segment of our teacher training course will focus on:

  • Refining your ability to deliver effective, efficient, and elegant verbal instruction
  • Developing your skills of observation and intuitive sensitivity to students’ needs
  • Understanding the deeper dimensions of yogic breathing for nervous system balance and as a support for deeper spiritual practices
  • Learning to offer students guided, systematic relaxations that increase prana and prepare students for meditation
  • Practicing traditional yogic meditation techniques
  • Participating in an in-depth study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra that will make this ancient text come alive as a support for your practice and teaching
  • Developing the subtle aspects of yoga, including breathing, sense withdrawal, and meditation
  • Enhancing your credibility as a yoga teacher by skillfully incorporating Sanskrit into your teaching, and learn a set of traditional Sanskrit prayers and chants.

Dates for 1st segment: April 23-25, 2021; May 21-23, 2021; June 11-13, 2021 – Honesdale Instructor; August 27-29,  2021, September 24-26,  2021

2nd Segment- Awakening Vital Energy: Chakras, Pranayama, and Sacred Yogic Texts

In this segment of our teacher training course, you will:

  • Refine your understanding of chakras as doorways to pure consciousness, and integrate this knowledge into the practice of asana with a chakra focus
  • Develop or deepen your personal practice of pranayama, and learn how to offer these potent practices to students in a balanced and practical way
  • Learn more about the five prana vayus in relation to breathing, prana, and pranayama
  • Refine your skills of effective and powerful class sequencing
  • Participate in an in-depth study of the Bhagavad Gita as a foundation for understanding the four paths of yoga, dharma, and the wheel of karma
  • Practice time tested yogic meditation techniques to develop or deepen your personal meditation practice, and teach meditation fundamentals to your students
  • Enhance your credibility as a yoga teacher by skillfully incorporating Sanskrit into your teaching, and learn a set of traditional Sanskrit prayers and chants

Dates for 2nd segment: October 15-17, 2021;  November 12-14, 2021 – Honesdale Instructor;  January 7-9, 2022, February 11-13, 2022, March 4-6, 2022

3rd Segment- Yoga as a Healing Art: Physical and Psychological Strategies for Cultivating Peace and Health

This segment of our teacher training course will teach you to:

  • Understand prana as a powerful healing force, and as a pillar that supports the body and the mind
  • Use the practice of asana to become aware of habits and imbalances in the body and to establish new, helpful patterns of pranic flow
  • Deepen your understanding of the nervous system and how chronic stress sets the stage for disease and imbalance
  • Learn how yoga psychology and philosophy can support mental and emotional health
  • Develop a set of practical strategies and practices for coping with pain and suffering
  • Become more familiar with common structural and physiological problems and understand how the holistic science of yoga can help
  • Discover how a basic understanding of ayurveda can support the practices of yoga by enhancing overall vitality and balance

Dates for 3rd segment: April 1-3, 2022;  May 6-8, 2022; June 3-5, 2022 – Honesdale Instructor; July 29-31, 2022; September 9-11,  2022

For more information contact the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh! www.hipyoga.org,
call: (412) 344-7434


April 23, 2021
September 30, 2021
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