Class Descriptions

Including Session Classes

BEGINNERS – Teaches the fundamentals of yoga in a systematic, non-threatening way. This class will cover the basics of breath awareness and different types of yoga postures (asanas). Throughout the session, we will encourage a healthy connection between breath and posture, increasing body awareness and ease in movement. The class will also explore relaxation techniques to increase your sense of well-being and balance.

HATHA I – Our most popular class! Join us for a well-rounded practice that will keep your joints healthy, muscles toned and organs working efficiently. Hatha I classes help improve strength, flexibility and balance. By incorporating breath awareness into the classes, you will also reduce stress, balance the nervous system and leave feeling refreshed and focused.

HATHA II – Experience a deeper focus and connection in your practice as you hold poses a little longer and become more graceful in challenging poses. Hatha II classes will help you build a stronger foundation both physically and energetically so that your poses become light and full of ease but also able to contain more power. This class will also use pranayama to strengthen the nervous system and balance the emotions providing a gateway to the more subtle realms of yoga.

GENTLE YOGA – Are you looking for a gentle yoga class? Are you finding your regular yoga class a little too strenuous? This class is designed to help students with some physical limitations enjoy a comfortable practice. We will focus on alignment, embodiment, and modifications for those who need them. The class will include classical postures, relaxation techniques, and breath work.

MOVEMENT BREATH MEDITATION- In order to get the most out of our practice, we need to be comfortable and focused. This class will include postures to prepare the body to sit for meditation.  We will also practice pranayama, or breath work to help clear and focus our energy for a 15 minute meditation practice.

YOGA FOR ACTIVE SENIORS- This Hatha 1 class is designed for active seniors. The focus is on hip stability, balance, flexibility, and yoga success. Options are always provided and props are always within reach. With a different focus for every class, you will experience a well-rounded, whole body experience!

PRENATAL YOGA– This class is designed to support expecting moms emotionally and physically during pregnancy.
Over these 8 weeks we will cover postures and breathwork to promote calmness, confidence, flexibility and strength in preparation for childbirth.

RESTORATIVE VINYASA : Mild to moderate “flow” for a full work-in to work-out. Dynamic breath work cued with synchronized movement. Connect mind, soul and body. Open, relax, reinvigorate, nourish and restore.


BEGINNERS SESSION $90/session – Covers the fundamentals of a beginning yoga class, focusing on the Himalayan Institute’s Sequence I. This class will increase body awareness in preparation for classical yoga postures, laying the foundation for a healthier connection between breath and posture

LEARN TO MEDITATE COURSE $75 – Discover the lifetime benefits of meditation. This class is designed for students who would like to begin a meditation practice. The session will cover preparation of the body for sitting, pranayama practices for cleansing and preparing the mind for meditation.