The Healer’s Journey with Kate Mackin

Navigating Crossroads, Dead-ends and Potholes

May 8th from 1-4 pm 


This program is for anyone on a spiritual path.  Which is really all of us! As we first start to experience the benefits of well-being and connectedness, we are exposed to a new world that holds magical promises.  We are inspired to learn more and share with others. We think of all the people that would benefit from this new information and maybe start to imagine a world filled with fresh nutritious foods, lush trees and PEACE.  This is where the bliss can begin to fade because it’s not as easy as you would think!

Luckily, this road has been travelled before.  Joseph Campbell outlines the “Hero’s Journey,” a journey that heroes from myths and traditions of all kinds cycle through for growth.  Join us to take a closer look at this adventure and how it plays out in our own life and work. We will also explore common pitfalls and distractions that pop up along the path and find strategies to move forward.  Learn to transcend obstacles so that you can contribute more effectively and significantly to your students.

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