2 Hour Yin Practice

with Tracy Szemanski

September 11th
1 – 3 pm

Yin is a passive practice that targets the connective tissues, ligaments, bones & joints of the body. It is a simple but not easy practice. Modifications can be used. Come and explore this beneficial practice.

No prior yoga experience necessary.

Please pre-register. 48 hour notice is required for refunds.

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3 Wednesdays ~ Sept 11, 18, & 25 ~ 7:00 – 8:30pm

$50 for all 3 Sessions!

Sanna Carapellotti,MS, Cht uses energy psychology
approaches for rapid resolution of struggles and
trauma. She is a HI Hatha Yoga instructor and a
HeartMath Coach.
She has been expertly using EFT since 2004,
teaching adults and children how to use it!
  • Learn EFT’s Five Essential Steps!
  • Discover Strategies for Optimal Results!
  • Learn to Help Yourself and Your Family!
  • Experience Tapping (EFT) Sessions!

EFT is the most researched energy psychology approach! Hands down, it is the best tool to have at your finger tips for any stress, even trauma. Come learn “acupressure for your emotions!”

“After a three decade addiction to Diet Pepsi. I have not touched a drop since 2015 thanks to Sanna’s way of tapping!” J. P., GA

“Tapping released a childhood trauma from which I thought I could never heal. I am free!” L.M., PA

Use it for anything and on anyone!

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The Chakras: Wheels of Life with Kate Mackin

Wednesday, August 21st
from 1-3 pm

You may have heard about the chakras in your yoga class, on television or even from your friends.  Join us to learn more about the subtle energy centers in your body and how they influence our emotions, thought processes and even the physical body.  

This class will cover the theory behind the chakras and also will offer practices that help us connect with them.

Please pre-register. 48 hour notice is required for refunds.

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