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Would you like a more challenging practice?

We have a NEW Hatha II/Flow class Mondays from 6-7 pm starting June 5th with Susan Frenchik.


We also have the more challenging classes at the following times:

Practice for Power and Strength with Tracy- Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30- 9:45 am
Hatha II with Kate- Fridays from 8:45 – 9:45 am
Hatha II with Susannah-Saturdays from 8:30 – 9:45 am
Hatha II with Gene- Sundays from 8:30- 9:45 am

Susan Frenchik, HI-certified yoga since 2009, has been practicing yoga since the late 90’s. She lives with her family in Sewickley and teaches French at Washington and Jefferson College. She firmly believes that joy is an act of resistance. Om namah shivaya.


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Mastering the Basics

with Colleen Dougherty
June 7 – July 26, 1- 2:15 pm
$100 for eight week session

Mastering the Basics is an eight week session class designed for students who may prefer to be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga in a smaller setting. It will be a rudimentary introduction to all aspects of yoga, with an emphasis on breathing techniques, stretching, systematic relaxation, and beginning-level posture work. Mastering the Basics will be limited in size to one or two students, and is intended as a session students will attend only one time. Students must pre-register.

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Summer Wellness Yoga for Teenagers ages 12 – 17

Thursdays June 8 – 29
5:45 – 7 pm
$48 for 4 week session

Ending the school year with a deep breath. Are you reflecting on a year of academic stress or social obstacles and anticipation of the next year?

During this 4 week yoga session class, we will focus on deep breathing and an introduction to Hatha Yoga postures to help calm the mind and soothe the body and spirit.

Yoga helps to balance the nervous system and realign posture while providing youth with coping mechanisms to help make potentially stressful social and academic situations less overwhelming.

Pre-registration is required. 48 hour notice is required for refunds.

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Yoga en français chez HIP!

Le yoga vous tente? Vous êtes francophile/francophone? Venez pratiquer cette discipline sublime en français chez Himalayan Institute de Pittsburgh, 300 Beverly Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Le mardi 18h-19h, le 2 mai au 6 juin 2017
(Tuesdays 6-7 pm, May 2 to June 6)

Susan Frenchik, prof de français, Washington and Jefferson College

HI-certified yoga instructor, Questions? 412.551.0115

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Beginner’s Yoga

Beginners Image

Sundays 7:30 – 8:45 pm
April 30 – June 25 (no class Memorial Day Weekend)

$96 for 8 weeks

More and more people are discovering the benefits of yoga.  Whether you are interested in flexibility, strength, stress reduction or balance, it helps to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a systematic, non-threatening way.

This class will cover the basics of breath awareness and different types of yoga postures (asanas).  Throughout the session we will encourage a healthy connection between breath and posture, increasing body awareness, and ease in movement.  The class will also explore relaxation techniques to increase your sense of well being and balance.


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Gentle Yoga

with Cathy Tuttle
1 – 2 pm

Are you looking for a gentle yoga class? Are you finding your regular yoga class a little too strenuous? This class is designed to help students with some physical limitations enjoy a comfortable practice. We will focus on alignment, embodiment, and modifications for those who need them. The class will include classical postures, relaxation techniques, and breath work.

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Movement, Breath and Meditation

with Kate Kill
Tuesdays 11-12 pm

In order to get the most out of our practice, we need to be comfortable and focused. This class will include postures to prepare the body to sit for meditation.  We will also practice pranayama, or breath work to help clear and focus our energy for a 15 minute meditation practice.

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