Restorative Yoga Workshop

                                                     Restorative Yoga Workshop

with Bev Gray and Susannah Azzaro
Friday, Dec 7 at 7 pm

Ah, the holidays. A time of family, friends, food and celebration. A time when many of us extend ourselves too much, not taking the time to care for ourselves. This can lead to illness and damper your holiday joy. Take an evening to nourish yourself with me and Susannah, and replenish your joy!

Restorative yoga poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress and help you to develop body and mind awareness.  During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to quietly rest in soothing and supported postures, using blankets, bolsters and pillows.  All postures are done in a passive manner with lots of support; no previous yoga experience is required!

Pre-registration is required. 48 hour notice is required for refunds.

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Yin Yoga Session Class

Yin Yoga session class
with Tracy Szemanski and Susan Volkar


Nov 7, 14, 28
Dec 5, 12, 19
7:15 – 8:30 pm

$72 walk-in price $16/class

Join us for this Yin Yoga session. We will practice mindfulness, kindness, and inquiry; discover greater balance and fluidity in mind and body, and tap into the benefits of accessing the parasympathetic nervous system. The methodical practice will help to calm the mind and open the body.

No prior yoga experience necessary.
Please pre-register. 48-hour notice is required for refunds.

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TAKE OFF YOUR MASK and discover your authentic self!

October 29 from 1-3 pm
with Kate Kill

Do you put on your best face for the world?

What if its not your best face and you just think it is?

Join us to explore familiar emotions, thoughts and habits.  Although old patterns may have protected us in the past, they can limit us going forward.   In this workshop, we will become conscious of old patterning and learn techniques to let go and move towards our best genuine self.



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New Saturday Hatha II Class 8:30 – 9:45 am

Hatha II level class on Saturdays!

Starting this Saturday, Sept 22 at 8:30-9:45 am. You are looking for a more challenging class?

Join Ashley at HIP to build strength, go inward, calm the nervous system and obtain peace to start your Saturday.
Need an earlier timeframe on a weekend? Come on over to HIP this Saturday!

Drop in price is $16.00 – come on. Best deal in Pittsburgh Yoga.

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Sunrise Yoga with Dione

We have a fantastic way to start your day!
Join Dione every Tuesday morning from 6-7 am at the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh!

Dione will guide you through the traditional Hatha I Asana postures in a lovely way to awaken the senses and practice
yoga in our beautiful center.

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Fall Tune Up – New Member Special!

Fall Tune-Up: Ready to set your intention and focus on your daily practice in our beautiful center?

Fall Special for new members: $50.00 for 1 month Unlimited Yoga Classes!

We challenge and motivate you to hone your practice to be the best YOU this Fall!


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Yoga and the Power of Intention

Yoga and the Power of Intention
with Susannah Azzaro


October 24

7 – 8:30 pm


What does it really mean when a yoga teacher invites you to set an intention in class? How can you actively
participate in the creation of reality both on and off your mat?
Through discussion, journaling, gentle movement, and guided relaxation, we will bring more clarity to the practice
of intention-setting (often called sankalpa) and experience how this powerful and subtle act can shift energy in our
lives.  This workshop is appropriate for EVERYONE! Whether intention-setting is part of a yoga practice or not, all are

Pre-registration is required. 48 hours notice is necessary for refunds.

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Monthly Community Meditation


Our Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh is a peaceful community, welcome to all. In these turbulent times…let us come together, drop within and meditate…or maybe you have never meditated? You could simply sit in silence. Let’s create a positive energy that will promote peace and carry us throughout our world.

Our Fall Community Meditations:

We must skip our community Meditation this September to prepare for the Flea Market! But, we will resume in October!

Dates: October 12th, November 9th, December 7th

~No Fee

~Time: 7pm – 8pm. Meditate for fifteen minutes or stay the whole hour.

We provide chairs, mats, bolsters, blocks, and blankets for your support.



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Beginner’s Yoga

Beginners ImageTwo formats!

Sunday Evenings  7:30 – 8:45 pm
Ongoing: please come anytime and use your class pass

Thursday Evenings 5:45- 7 pm
Progressive: Sept 13 –  Nov 1

$96 for 8 weeks

More and more people are discovering the benefits of yoga.  Whether you are interested in flexibility, strength, stress reduction or balance, it helps to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a systematic, non-threatening way.

This class will cover the basics of breath awareness and different types of yoga postures (asanas).  Throughout the session we will encourage a healthy connection between breath and posture, increasing body awareness, and ease in movement.  The class will also explore relaxation techniques to increase your sense of well being and balance.

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Book Discussion Group

1 – 2:30 pm

Join us for this special discussion group.  As a group, we decide together on a book to read and discuss.   In each session, we read aloud and discuss how the ideas in the book relate to our own lives.  Rather than just being intellectual, this is an organic way to get heart of the spiritual teachings into your own life.

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