Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh

Front SignHappy Labor Day! Please join us for a special class at 10 am!  All other classes are cancelled Labor Day.

As a non-profit, educational facility, The Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh helps members incorporate the principles of yoga into everyday life to develop a healthy body, a clear mind, and a joyful spirit.

The Institute’s staff includes full and part-time professionals trained extensively in the yoga tradition. Our yoga boutique is staffed with students and teachers who generously volunteer their time to help keep the Institute running physically and financially.

We invite you to practice yoga with us, at 300 Beverly Road, Pittsburgh PA 15216, or call us at (412) 344-7434 if you have any questions about our classes or workshops. Email info@hipyoga.org.



You-Can-HelpThe Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh is looking for the following items to make your experience more comfortable:

• Backjack chairs ($40 each)
• Bolsters ($40 each)
• Mediation cushions ($40 each)
• Small Couch Pillows ($20 each)

Please let us know if you can help!